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Final notice: Use the new RSS!

Final notice: This journal will no longer be updated. Please add the NEW UGAnime feed to your friends list instead!

New website and news feed!

Since the move to the new webspace because of all the trouble we were having with the last host for the message board, I've been working behind the scenes to streamline and clean up our website and make it easier for the new officers to update at minimal cost. We were able to buy hosting for the new site for FIVE WHOLE YEARS thanks to the generous donations of the Spring 2008 club members. So now I present to you, the new home of UGAnime:


Also, please add uganime_rss to your friends list! This is the new news feed. We will no longer be keeping this UGAnime news feed because it requires a yearly subscription fee, and we no longer need it because this new feed is free and automatically added to the main UGAnime.org site.

Please add [info]uganime_rss  to your friends list
if you want to continue to receive UGAnime news updates!

New and former UGAnime officers/mods: please make sure you discontinue use of the old news feed and begin to use the new website system as detailed in the officer's section on the message board. Please feel free to e-mail me at ebeelove at gmail dot com if you have any questions or concerns!

Please report site problems!

If you ever have a problem accessing the website or the message board, please log any info you can so I can get a good record and correctly report any outages to our new webhost. Please include the date and time of the error as well as any messages you get such as "server not found" or the like.

If you are unable to comment here or on the message board, please send me and email at ebeelove at gmail dot com or shoot a mail to the new e-mail address: officers at uganime dot org.

Recently some folks have had some issues with the server not being available, but I have contacted our hosts and the error has all ready been resolved so no one should get a "server not found" message any more. Please let me know if you do.


Final Meeting

Our FINAL MEETING for the Spring '08 semester will be held tonight in SLC 248. Don't forget; it's just upstairs from where we were last Monday!

And, if you're interested, tonight's schedule (at least, that's been released to the public) is as follows:

Crest of the Stars
Ouran High School Host Club
*Unknown Officer's Choice*


*Unknown Officer's Choice*
Gurren-Lagann OVA/ *Unknown Officer's Choice*

Please also remember to bring in any surveys you may still have. The new officers will definitely want your feedback on this semester!

New Officers!!

Congratulations to all of our new officers and thank you to everyone for participating!

Please remember that we will be meeting in Journalism 404 this Wednesday night for our final Org meeting of the semester. This will be your last chance to make show suggestions for the Summer and Fall Semester.

Next, don't forget to vote in the poll (in Events and Club Talk on the Message Board) for Thursday night's Game Night, from 7-10 PM in SLC 248.

Finally, please remember to pick up a survey, fill it out, and return it to one of the officers by next Monday.

See you Wednesday!

Tonight's Schedule

Since we've already finished a couple of shows, here's tonight's schedule:

April 21:
Kaze 25
Crest 12
Crest 13
Ouran 25
G-L 25
G-L 26

See you tonight! And don't forget to bring your cards - It's Election time!


Okay, looks like all that business is taken care of. BEHOLD the new and LIGHTNING FAST message board thanks to the AWESOME team at MaiaHost and the club funds:


::and there was much rejoicing::

The board at uganimeboard.shoujoavenger.com will remain closed because that would just be confusing if it stayed open. I'll be changing the links and probably a bunch of stuff on the main UGAnime website to move it over to the new address at UGAnime.org eventually.

Right now the main domain is under construction so don't go messing about over there. I'll let everyone know when it's cool to browse. Browse the new board location to your heart's content, though.

Please let me know if you have any problems!


Temporarily Closed

I'm closing the board temporarily to properly transfer it. Don't want people trying to post in the middle of the transfer.

Hopefully this won't take too long.

Stay tuned.

~ Erin

Working, but still slow

Though still fairly slow, it seems that the message board is at least working now. You should be able to login and post.

I'm still planning on moving us to a new web host (same board, perhaps a different web address) so it won't be so godawful slow any more. If one of the officers could please provide me with the payment information (via phone preferably) I can get it done ASAP.

Thanks again for everyone's patience!


Final Macross Viewing

Don't forget, tomorrow night is the final 5 episodes of Macross. This time, the showing will be held from 7-10 PM (Friday, 3/28) in 0323 B Rooker Hall (East Campus), you should all have the necessary phone numbers already.

If you need access to the building, you'll need to call Ian. If you don't have his number, you can call me (although I unfortunately won't be able to attend ;_; ).

Have fun!


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